Kansas City likes the Jared Gaither signing…

I sure hope losing Jared Gaither to the Kansas City Chiefs for a lousy $685,000 1-year contract does not come back to bite the Ravens in the tail-feathers…

I’d been thinking all along— if Gaither is healthy like he says he is, then put him back at left tackle…and move Michael Oher to RT… problems on the OL apparently solved.

‘Twas not to be.

Kansas City fans are ecstatic over the signing of Gaither.

Here’s Matt Conner’s take from Arrowhead Pride:

“As the Kansas City Chiefs figure out exactly how to put all of the pieces together along the offensive line, it seems the Baltimore Ravens are trying to do the same. Unfortunately for the Ravens, the Chiefs are now playing from a position of strength with the addition of offensive tackle Jared Gaither while Baltimore is reportedly struggling with a lack of a real left tackle.”

“Gaither, if you’ll remember, held down the position for the majority of 2008 and 2009 before he spent all of 2010 on Injured Reserve. Now the latest free agent signing of the Chiefs, Gaither was believed to be an extra with former first rounder Michael Oher sliding over from right tackle. Apparently, that’s not been the case so far and it has the team scrambling for answers.”

ESPN’s James Walker says both sides of the offensive line have issues. “The tackles are really struggling. Michael Oher doesn’t look to be a natural left tackle and Baltimore is searching for answers at right tackle. Center Matt Birk also is hurt in the middle. There are no easy answers to fix this group.”

A lot to take in… the Chiefs come to Baltimore this coming Friday night for preseason game #2…  I’m assuming Gaither will play LT against the Ravens D for at least the first quarter… also RB Leron McClain and DT Kelly Gregg, former Ravens greats, will probably see limited action.

A lot of drama coming to Baltimore on a midsummer night… I’m sure Ozzie and Harbaugh know what they’re doing and had a decent reason to give up on Gaither… I’m just not feeling it right now as a fan.

You can link to the Arrowhead Pride fan reactions and the research for this story at http://www.arrowheadpride.com .  Some of the Chiefs’ fans are really rubbing it in right now on the Ravens… yet remember, he who laughs last laughs best…and all that kind of stuff.

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