Ricky Williams talks of return to NFL…but says it won’t be with Ravens…

Cue the Bob Seger song “Why Don’t You Stay?”…

Ravens fans got their hopes up when Ricky Williams announced this past weekend he’s thinking about “un-retiring”… My immediate thought was top-notch backup running back issue solved for Ravens.

Williams can still perform at a very high level–no pun intended. In many ways he is the perfect role-player as Ray Rice’s backup, and normally would get 8 or 9 touches of his own. A good pass protector, too…

But harsh reality hit when Williams let it be revealed he would only consider two teams to come out of retirement for— the Chargers and the Saints.

As reported by Sarah Ellison of BaltimoreRavens.com,  it came as no surprise that Williams made headlines last week, saying he would consider coming out of retirement. But it was surprising that he wouldn’t come back for the Ravens, who currently own his rights.

“The only way right now I would come back is if the Chargers called me,” Williams told a Texas radio station Wednesday. “It would be hard to turn San Diego down.”

Williams added if Bill Parcells, who was the one that first brought up the idea of retiring in February, were to become New Orleans’ head coach, he would also unretire for the Saints. Parcells was Williams’ mentor when they were both with the Miami Dolphins.

“If he does, I have to add New Orleans to the mix with San Diego,” Williams said. “The Big Tuna is one of my favorite people in the whole world, and I think if he did decide to do it, I think it’d be a huge benefit to the team, to the city, to everyone involved.”

The Ravens still own the rights to Williams’ contract if he does “un-retire”…

“So, Williams’ choices are either to stay retired or play for the Ravens,” wrote AFC North blogger Jamison Hensley. “The Chargers are not an option unless they are willing to trade for the 34-year-old backup. “Baltimore probably wouldn’t be interested in moving Williams because it still could use him to back up Ray Rice.”

The Chargers may not even be interested as they “have not had any discussions” with Williams’ agent, according to the San Diego Union-Tribune’s Michael Gehlken.

And while there is a chance he will be, Parcells has not yet been hired as the Saints coach.

SO maybe this thing continues to play out a little longer…maybe the Ravens are still in the future of Ricky Williams as events and circumstances unfold… Ricky just doesn’t know it yet.

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