Ravens at the White House— live coverage…

This is the ultimate payoff for the Ravens— luncheon at the White House with the President. This is one of the reasons you want to win the darn thing.







You can check out the official Live Twitter feed from the Ravens here at https://twitter.com/ravens

Here are some of the early feeds from the players in the Rose Garden:

Torrey Smith @TorreySmithWR 35m

That was one of the coolest things I've ever been apart of…we need to do it again!!

Brendon Ayanbadejo @brendon310 2m

I had a brief conversation with while he congratulated the team. Definitely a touching…

Baltimore Ravens @Ravens 4m

VIDEO: President Obama jokes with the . Full press conference |

terrell suggs @untouchablejay4 33m

OUR PRESIDENT'S SWAG IS ON 100,000 TRILLION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tyrod Taylor @TyrodTaylor 2h

It's been a blessing…

VontaLeach44 @vleach44 5h

Good morning up and ready to go see the POTUS and I hope the First Lady is present.

Baltimore Ravens @Ravens 58m

. says Joe Flacco is elite. Can't get praise from a higher source!


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