Worthy of Ravens Franchise Record— Ray Rice is up to the challenge…

Ray Rice is only 933 yards away from the Ravens franchise record for career yards gained from scrimmage. The guy he's still trailing is the great (retired) Jamal Lewis.

It's noteworthy, to be sure, but it also raises the old debate— when franchises move to new cities and change colors and names, should you include the career franchise records from the previous city in your history?

If that were the case, Ray Rice would be still trailing way behind a guy named Jim Brown.

The sixth-year running back has racked up 8,233 yards from scrimmage throughout his career, which ranks No. 2 in franchise history. Running back Jamal Lewis, a 2012 Ring of Honor inductee, currently holds the record with 9,166 yards from scrimmage.  

Rice needs just 933 yards to catch Lewis, which should happen about midway through this year if Rice is able to stay healthy. Rice has averaged 1,876.5 yards from scrimmage in each of the last four seasons.

While Rice is getting close to Lewis in total yards, he still has a ways to go in terms of rushing yards. Lewis leads the way with 7,801 career rushing yards compared to 5,520 for Rice.

Rice, a second-round draft pick out of Rutgers, has spent his entire career in Baltimore and he’s started to pile up the records. He’s the only Raven to rush for 1,000 yards in four straight seasons and his 15 touchdowns in 2011 are the most in franchise history.

Thanks to Garrett Downing of Ravens.com for the stats update.


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