Two exclusive rights free agents the Ravens must sign…

From the Ravens personnel standpoint I had a concern that they were on the verge of losing two of their best young exclusive rights free agents— CB Rashaan Melvin and WR Kamar Aiken. Well, Rashaan Melvin signed his tender offer from the Ravens over the weekend— that’s a good thing for the Ravens’ depth at […]


What happens if Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon are there at #26 for Ravens?

Teams don’t usually draft running backs in the 1st Round anymore—unless that running back is really, really special. Todd Gurley and Melvin Gordon are both really special— and good enough to spend a #26 overall pick on by the Ravens if by fate either of the two should fall that low. It could happen. There’s […]


Fascinating look at how the Ravens front office works…

You can get the full video and audio replay of the Ravens’ Pre-Draft Press Conference at this link: Full 2015 Pre-Draft Press Conference Ozzie Newsome, John Harbaugh, Eric DeCosta and Joe Hortiz discussed their strategy heading into the draft. It’s an amazing insight into how well-thought out everything must be that goes into preparation for […]


The Elephant in the Ravens front office— Flacco’s contract…

I simply don’t worry about the escalation of Joe Flacco’s contract as quarterback of the Ravens. But a lot of fans and observers of the Ravens make it a big deal. Now Mike Florio is stirring it up as he does so well at Pro Football Talk. Typical of Florio, he tries to instigate a […]


A Drafttek mock draft to get Ravens fans thinking…

There are all kinds of 7-round mock drafts out there churning the urn of speculation about exactly how the Ravens plan to prioritize positions of need in the 2015 NFL Draft. Some mockers (like SB Nation) think the Ravens want to go running back in Round 1. Others say cornerback. Many say wide receiver.   […]


Say Hi to Matt Schaub—Ravens new backup QB

It looked like Matt Schaub was headed to the Jets…but the Ravens made him a better offer. That’s good for the Ravens in more ways than one—besides getting one of the best backups in the league, the Ravens will also not have to face Schaub as an opponent—and for some reason, the Ravens often had […]


The Owen Daniels reaction to the Ravens Way…

New Denver Broncos tight end Owen Daniels said after signing with Denver that he was surprised the Ravens didn’t make much of an effort to keep him. “Not as much as I thought they would. They came late with an offer, but it was after I had already committed to come here,” Daniels said, via […]

John Harbaugh

John Harbaugh holds court at NFL Annual Meeting…

Ravens head coach John Harbaugh is getting a lot of broadcast air time at the annual NFL meeting being held this year in Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona. Harbaugh is a personable and intelligent guy— media gravitates to him. Harbaugh made it clear to the media yesterday that the Ravens are not done in free agency. They are […]


Ravens mock draft from Walter takes advantage of comp picks…

Charlie Campbell at Walter Football just released his 5-Round Mock Draft adjusted for compensatory picks. You can’t trade a compensatory pick—but the Ravens were awarded with three of them this year, which gives them 10 total draft picks to work with as of this writing. The Ravens were awarded one 4th-round pick (No. 136 overall) […]


Ravens find spare change under the cushions during Spring Cleaning…

I understand how Ozzie scrapes up cap-space with his annual Spring Cleaning every year, but it still amazes me. The Ravens this past week got some veterans and some up-and-coming guys to provide some hometown discount action… Somehow Ozzie peeled the Ravens salary cap off the ceiling and found about $9 million plus in extra […]


Ravens safety dance doesn’t amount to much…

Ah yes, the annual Safety Dance the Ravens do — plug and play, it was even like this when Ed Reed was in his prime. I can count ten names of guys who were paired at safety with Ed Reed over the last 5 years of his Ravens career. If you want a long-term investment […]